We offer several options beyond playing at The Maze Craze:

• Fundraisers


• Corporate Events & Team Building Activities

• Field Trips for schools, classes, and Home School families and groups

• Sports Teams, Bands, Orchestras, etc.

• Church Groups or Youth Retreats

• Lock-Ins

• Parties for birthdays, families, private events, holidays, etc.

• Family Reunions

• Senior Citizens, Military Groups, Veterans, After School Programs, etc.

Tournaments & Contests







Our “Maze Craze Gives Back” offers a great opportunity to earn money for your group or charity, and have a blast while doing it! It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Choose the day and time with our staff. We’ll create a flyer for you!

2. Pass out the flyers to all your invited guests.

3. Come on the designated day and PLAY! 20% of all proceeds for your time period will be given to your organization.


We can schedule events one at a time, or on a monthly schedule so families and guests can plan ahead to play and support their group!


Parties & Special Events:


We can customize your event with any of these entertaining and insightful experiences:


Puzzling Mazes


Your group will be divided into teams, and each will have their own puzzle pieces to find throughout the Mirror Maze. Teams will work to be the first one to complete their puzzle.


Scavenger Hunt


We have hidden objects throughout the Mirror Maze, and we give you a Passport that lists specific items to find in a certain amount of time. You can also hide your own objects to emphasize your specific goals.


A-MAZ-ING Teamwork


Working your way through the Laser Maze can be tricky enough, but try it connected to someone else and teams will quickly discover the need for communication and teamwork.


Laser Tag Troubles


Focus on problem solving while blasting at one another! During a game of Laser Tag, different situations arise that require quick thinking.


Trust or Faith Walks


An incredibly motivating experience…can you trust your friends to guide you through the Mirror Maze? Groups are divided into teams of 4 and led on a Trust or Faith Walk.


Learning Through Play


There are many applications for education at our facility. Science, mathematics, geometry, reflection, lasers, psychology, and creative writing are some of the possibilities!


Holiday Hunts


Our staff will create fun and entertaining games using holiday-themed songs or pictures. We can do puzzles, scavenger hunts, and other great activities.


Spiritual Journeys


Each of our attractions has some wonderful spiritual applications that teach principles of faith, divine nature, trust, eternal perspective, righteous living, etc. We can share these concepts with your group or let your leaders share the principles.


Laser Maze Competitions


We offer special contests and prizes just for the Laser Maze. This addicting game gets very competitive!


Laser Tag Tournaments


Let us organize a tiered tournament for your group, and enjoy the competition!


Corporate & Team-Building Events:


*Do you want to play and focus on having fun, or do you want to play as well as have learning opportunities within each of the activities?

*Do you want it to be a cooperative event for the entire group, or do you want it to be a competition where teams are competing for prizes or points?

*Do you want to present information or do you want us to do it?


Here are a few scenarios for 10-40 guests:


Competition: $20 per person


*Several Laser Tag games (with 4 teams, it would be a bracket format going from 4 teams to 2 to 1 winning team)

*Mirror Maze Contest (teams go through the maze, going 1 person every 30 seconds and timing them until all team members have completed the maze).

*Laser Maze: teams all compete on the Medium Level of Difficulty, and get 2 turns for each member (both scores count towards the team's complete score).


We could offer prizes for the winning team for a minimal cost, or you could provide the prize (or just bragging rights).


Team Building: $20 per person


Guests would play in all 3 attractions, and each one would include a learning experience. They would be divided into 2 groups.


1. Laser Maze Team Work: guests will play the laser maze a few times individually, and then we will connect them with adaptors at the elbows and knees, and then they must complete the maze attached to a partner. The focus and conversation will be on the differences of completing tasks alone and together, team work, delegation, and changing our expectations.


2. Laser Tag Capture the Flag: guests will play Laser Tag while also working together as a team to protect their flag from their competition! OR:


3. Laser Tag Problem Solving: guests will play a game of laser tag and a few problems or challenges will present themselves, and guests will have choices to make at how they solve them. After the game we will discuss the choices, the objective, and the outcome.


4. Mirror Maze Scavenger Hunt: guests will still be in their 2 groups, and each will be assigned a color of paper. Each team will have a phrase they are trying to complete by finding the hidden words throughout the mirror maze (the words are one to a page on each team's color of paper). Each person can only bring 1 word out at a time and add it to the table where the phrase is being completed. After each team has retrieved all of their words they will arrange the words into the phrase, and then we will discuss what the phrase means and what we can learn from it. (This same format could also be done with completing a puzzle instead of a phrase). OR:


5. Mirror Maze Trust Walk: (This would be done instead of the Scavenger Hunt). Guests will be in groups of 3-4, and one or 2 will be blind folded, one will be unable to talk. They will walk together in a single file line, with their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. They will try to find their way through the maze, and afterwards we can discuss the challenges of completing the maze while trusting one another to guide them through it.


Just for Fun: $16 per person


Guests can enjoy the Mirror Maze, the Laser Tag, and the Laser Maze as much as they want during the 1.5 hours.


The possibilities for play and learning are limitless! We would love the opportunity to custom design an exciting activity for your business, group, school or team. Prices range from $12-20 per person to play all 3 activities. For further information or to schedule your event, please contact our management team