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Imagine the fun of becoming ninja-spies, getting lost in the mirrors, and suiting up for a laser tag challenge with your group of friends! We celebrate parties for all ages from 5-105! The three activities provide something that everyone and every skill level will love. Bright colors and fun decor in our party room make it the perfect place to party!

Many parents of the party guests LOVE being able to drop off their kids off at The Maze Craze and then going to lunch or going shopping in Zona Rosa during the party!  They are also welcome to stay and enjoy the fun.

Important Party Notes:

  • Every party will have a Party Host that will help you and your guests have a great time!
  • The birthday person will get a Glow Necklace to identify them as the guest of honor, and all party guests will receive a free Laser Maze coupon for a return visit to The Maze Craze!
  • If you have added the party room you will start there, so please plan to eat and open presents during your first 30 minutes. This is a great way for guests to gather together, especially if you have late-comers. You may arrive 10 minutes early to set up the area. Food & presents will need to be cleared and taken to the back or to your car after 30 minutes. Your Party Host will gladly help you!
  • Parties may be divided into smaller groups so that everyone gets more time to play. They will rotate between Laser Tag and Laser Maze. Most parties can do the Mirror Maze together. Talk to your party host for more details!
  • The Maze Craze will be open to walk-in customers during parties, so there may be other guests playing during your party time. We do our best to keep groups separate, but there may be some wait time. We will have walk-in guests come back later once we reach our limit of playing guests.

Single Play Party

1 hour party, up to 10 guests: $180
1.5 hours with the party room: $215 (includes party shirt & paper goods)
Additional guests: $17 per person
Party guests will play 15-20 minutes in each of our 3 attractions!

Double Play Party

1.5 hours party, up to 10 guests: $230
2 hours with the party room: $265 (includes party shirt & paper goods)
Additional guests: $22 per person
Party guests will rotate between all 3 activities for 1.5 hours!

Save $20 by booking your party Monday - Thursday!

Private Party

2 hour party, up to 40 playing guests: $400
Your party will get The Maze Craze reserved for just your group. Unlimited play at all 3 events! This is perfect for families, teen parties, youth groups, and church activities!

Party Extras

Planning birthday parties is an exciting time, but also hectic and busy. Let us handle some or all of the items on your To Do list! Each quality option will help create a fun atmosphere for your party guests! Party Extras are guaranteed if they are ordered at least 2 days prior to your event.

Pizza & Play with Sarpino's Pizza:
Sarpino's Pizza is offering our Maze Craze party guests an amazing deal on their delicious pizzas...discounted pricing & free delivery!  Order your pizzas at the same time you book your party...let us take care of the rest!

  • Large 1 topping:   $11

  • Large 3 topping:   $13

  • Large Specialty:   $15

Click Here to view the Specialty Pizzas.

We also offer the following:

Glow Necklaces: $15 for 10 glow necklaces. All 3 attractions at The Maze Craze have black lighting, which means the party wil love glowing in the dark while they play!  The party guests will receive the neckalces at the beginning of the party so they can enjoy them throughout.

Chilled Drinks: Drinks are offered at 50% off store price when ordered for a party!

$5 for 10: Water bottle, Capri Sun, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite and Root Beer

$10 for 10: Gatorade and Vitamin Water.

Ice Cream Cups: $5 for 10 Blue Bell ice cream cups are delicious and easy for party guests to eat. Comes in chocolate and vanilla.


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