The Maze Craze Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to do each activity?

-On average, it takes about 5-10 minutes to make it through the mirror maze, but there is no time limit. Guests are welcome to go through different ways and enjoy several times through it.

-The Laser Tag games are 7 minutes each, with several minutes before and after each game.

-The Laser Maze takes about 2 minutes per turn.

-The Combo Ticket will take guests approximately 45 minutes to an hour to complete all 3 activities.


How big are the mazes?

-The maze is 1,200 square feet, and there are 74 mirrors. The Laser Tag arena is 1800 square feet. The Laser Maze room is 200 square feet.


Can you take pictures/video inside?

-Yes! Watch for the “Reflection Seat” in the Mirror Maze for a great picture opportunity! To video the Laser Maze, it is best to record the live feed monitor out front.


What is the age range for each attraction?

-Each activity at The Maze Craze truly is “fun for the whole family”. All ages will enjoy it, although younger children may get nervous in the mirror maze. It’s best for them to be with adults. Young children can play Laser Tag as long as they are able to wear the vest comfortably. We have adjustors to help the vests fit.


Can my kids go through the mirror maze by themselves?

-Children 7 and under must be with an adult at all times. 8 and older can go in by themselves.


What if someone gets lost inside the mirror maze?

-We can always come in and help you out, but everyone always makes it out eventually. The most important thing is to keep walking, because you will come out one of the doors, even if it’s the same one you started in!


Do you have cameras inside the store?

-Yes, we do! We have video surveillance throughout the store for everyone’s safety.


Are the lasers in the Laser Maze and Laser Tag safe?

-Absolutely! They are incredibly safe, a Class 3 rating. It’s impossible to look at lasers without them “breaking”.


Is the television screen playing live footage?

-Yes, the lobby monitor is showing the mirror maze exit, and the hallway monitor is showing laser tag.


Do you have other locations?

-The Maze Craze is a family business by a Northland family. They have plans to open more stores in the future.

-This is the 15th Mirror Maze of its kind that was designed and built by the same company. The others are located throughout the U.S., one in Canada, and one in Sweden.

-There are other laser mazes around the country.

-Our laser tag arena was built by a company from Canada. They have won awards in entertainment for their amazing fluorescent graphics.


Do you have restrooms and drinking fountains?

-Yes, down the hall past the Laser Tag arena.


Where is the closest ATM?

-Either in The Grove or in the walkway next to Victoria’s Secret.


Can you give change for the meters?



Do they give tickets if the meters expire?

-Yes! Security monitors the metered parking and will give $5 tickets. All proceeds from parking meters and tickets are given to charity.