Laser Maze

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to climb, crawl, and slither your way through the brilliant green (and completely safe) lasers in our Laser Maze! Similar to laser scenes in movies such as Entrapment and Mission: Impossible, now you can experience this competitive and entertaining challenge as well.

If you touch a laser beam… The alarm sounds and time is added to your score.

No worries, though…keep going around the corner and push the red Mission Complete button!

While you are racing to complete your mission, your friends and family members can watch you compete and cheer for you on our live video feed in the lobby. There are 4 levels of challenging fun: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert.

Check out the Top 10 scoreboard – Every month we will offer prizes to the top score in each category… come back often to earn your prize!

Monthly prizes and gift cards will be given to the Top Scores on each level! Come see if you can win!
Challenge your friends for the fastest score to complete the Mission Impossible!

WARNING: This activity is highly addictive! GAME ON!

The August Winners are…

Easy: Olivia 6.7 seconds

Easy 2 PL: Addisyn & Shyanne 23.3 seconds

Medium: Macie Lee 9.1 seconds

Medium 2 PL: Alex & Ethan 16.1 seconds

Hard: Andrew 14.2 seconds

Hard 2 PL: Sean & Alex 23.5 seconds

Expert: Quinten 13.3 seconds

Expert 2 PL: Ty & Drew 26.0 seconds


Come try the Laser Maze and get your name on our Top 10! Also, keep an eye out for upcoming Laser Maze contests!