Laser Tag

Personal Combat

Our Black-lit arena offers the latest and greatest in laser tag fun! The black lighting and 3D fluorescent graphics create an amazing visual experience for you to enjoy. Make your way around our challenging obstacles as you search for your friends…be careful! Our unique and compact arena allows for intense, personal combat moves!


The Plasma Force Laser Gun

The Plasma Force Laser Gun has an ultra cool sci-fi movie look with no cords to get in the way of the action. Complete with sound and lighting effects, the Plazma Force Gun is easy to operate, comfortable to hold and way more fun to use! No down time with our guns…keep shooting as fast as you can pull the trigger!

The Plazma Force Laser Vest

The Plazma Force Laser Vest has 16 lighted targets and a built in sensor that activates when scoring, allowing the player to feel every hit. This creates a whole new level of laser tag fun and excitement!


Grab your friends and enjoy an awesome personal combat challenge!