We are thrilled to offer the first mirror maze in the Midwest…


This unique experience is the latest trend in spectacular entertainment! The maze of mirrors is the perfect family activity that each person will enjoy… teens, children, and adults alike! Enter the portal to begin your path through infinite reflections and surprising twists and turns. Just when you think you've found your way out, you discover you've gone a complete circle and are back to the beginning. Keep going, and you’ll smile and laugh your way through the endless reflections in the maze of mirrors. The colorful light show, beautiful graphic designs, and awesome music create a masterpiece for your senses.


After you've made it through the maze, turn around and try it the opposite direction… Each way offers a completely different experience!


Finding your way through the 1,200 square foot mirror maze will be an experience you will never forget!


We also offer special group activities:




Get your family and friends and divide into teams. Each group will have their own puzzle pieces to find throughout the maze. Be the first team to complete your puzzle and win a prize! *Advanced notice is required for this activity.




Get your passport time-stamped from the front desk, then search for the hidden objects throughout the maze. If you find all of them within a specific time frame, you can win prizes!




An incredibly motivating experience…can you trust your friends to guide you through the maze? Groups are divided into teams of 4 and led on a Trust or Faith Walk.


A must-see experience at Zona Rosa!


Getting lost has never been so much fun